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With the rise of remote work, many people are now setting up home offices, Having a well-designed workspace is crucial in order to maximize productivity and improve one's day to day experience.

our principles.

To keep it simple, here's a list. We always sell with integrity & honour our customers are the priority. Our business is completely transparent to customers and employees

Why we exist.

We've found through our own hunts for the best efficiency and productivity tools online that it is incredibly difficult to find reliable shops to buy these tools from both online and offline, if we have, they've all been ridiculously expensive. So, in short, we exist to provide high end products, for low budgets.

what and why?

Introducing The Flipd, the most recent addition to The Analog Co.

Designed to eliminate the distraction of using a phone/device to time your work blocks and other distraction prone tasks.

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seamless pomodorro timer


we provide top-notch tools to enhance efficiency.

with our tools, you can expect to see an increase in efficiency and a reduction in wasted time.